Cinemuse Film Society is dedicated to the discovery and development of independent voices through its programs, discussions and workshops.

We believe that exposure to artistic voices from all countries and cultures can nurture and inspire authentic voices, that do not serve as mere copies of mainstream entertainment, but contribute to the global conversation in a meaningful way.


At the present moment, the greater majority of films that are screened in South Africa, represent mainstream culture.

One could compare this to a person that is limited to a diet that constitutes mainly carbohydrates (refined sugar to be more accurate). Though it is true that this macronutrient has an important function in the body, having it as the only source of nutrition causes havoc in the body and is the source of a number of serious diseases. If one was not aware that there are other options available, such as vegetables and proteins, one would never be able to treat the root of the problem and support a more healthy body.

In the same way, South African media desperately lacks exposure to a more holistic and cosmopolitan worldview. Cinemuse aims to inspire a more empathetic society by building a platform where audiences can discover inspired voices from all countries and cultures. But exposure is not enough: Thoughtful conversation and debate can empower audiences to identify and reflect on the values and ideas presented in the films.


Sean Drummond | South Africa | Writer/Producer | "Five Fingers for Marseille (2018)”

Oliver Hermanus | South Africa | Director | "Shirley Adams (2011)"

Corné van Rooyen | South Africa | Director | "Hollywood in my Huis (2015)"

Vlokkie Gordon | South Africa | Producer | "Hollywood in my Huis (2015)"

Jenna Cato Bass | South Africa | Writer/Director/Producer | "Love the One You Love (2015)"

Dylan Voogt | South Africa | Line Producer | "Shirley Adams (2011)”

Dylan Voogt | South Africa | Producer | "Unearthed (2014)"

Ben Ludik | South Africa | Composer | |Skoonheid (2010)| & |Wonderwerker (2012)|

Richard Finn Gregory | Director | "Boers at the End of the World (2016)"

Kirsten Carthew | Canada | Writer, Director | "The Sun at Midnight (2016)"

André Crous | South Africa, Czech Republic | FIPRESCI Film Critic

Burcin S Yalcin | Turkey | FIPRESCI Film Critic


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